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Nerdfighters, Kelly Clarkson, and other stuff

Alright so I have not been very active in anything, whether it be this blog, the roleplay sites that I’m on, and tumblr. Well that is because I have been watching Vlogbrothers videos like a lot of them because there are 977 and I don’t even know how many of those I’ve watched… I think it’s at least a hundred or more. So that is what I’ve been doing and is what I will continue to do until I have watched them all. (I will post links to every single thing I talk about in the bottom of this post). Now the thing called Nerdfighters is basically a huge community of their fans which can be found in multiple ways. There’s youtube, the ning, and a whole bunch of other cool things. I absolutely love them and you should go watch videos because they are fun, granted watching all of them might be a little crazy so don’t do that unless you don’t like sleep or have an insane amount of time.

Alright so that is only one thing that I’ve been doing for the majority of the week is earning Kellebrities points. They are part of Kelly Clarkson’s new rewards system that will give you cool prizes and stuff. Which is awesome because I’m a HUGE fan and cannot afford awesome stuff after already buying all of her cds (which are also in the prizes). From this, I got the most amazing google chrome skin ever! Unless of course someone has one that features any of the things that are in the picture above my homepage.

As before I mentioned that I have other things to be doing, like roleplaying and tumbling (I don’t know if that’s a real word or not but I’m making it one so it is). All of the sites that I roleplay with are on the sidebar in little picture link things (the sites call them affs.). My tumblr is crazy so I wouldn’t really recommend looking at it unless you want to be drawn into my insanity. But if you do there’s a link in the links section of this post.

I also have books that I’m reading, and books I am writing with Camp NaNoWriMo, and grad. parties because I just graduated high school, and college stuff to do, and movies that I’ve seen, and other stuff like that. So yeah I’ve been busy, also there are charities that I’ve been trying to raise money for (unsuccessfully might I add).

That’s what I’ve been doing, and this post is very uninteresting and a huge block of text but I don’t really care because if you love me you’ll read it anyway. The aforementioned links are just below this sentence in a list, and have a wonderful rest of your day and hopefully you’ll see more posts if you care.


Also, since I have shoved so many different teasers about stuff I’m writing, if you want like a chapter posted as a post, I will consider it just comment on this and tell me that you would like to read something and then I’ll make a poll and put it in a post and you can vote on which you would like to read. But for now: comments make for a happy blogger so comment!

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Camp Nanowrimo

Alright so the goal of Nanowrimo is to write 50,000 words in a month, but this month has 31 days. So I started a week late like I usually do, and I have found that as i continue to do this my total word count goes down… It’s very weird. Anyway what’s the point of this? Nothing really I was just really bored.

I guess I should stop rambling about nothing important. But first I will say this, Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story was really very inspiring and if you need inspiration for anything I suggest that you watch it because I’m sure you will find it interesting regardless of whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not. That is what got me a new burst of inspiration for my Camp Nanowrimo story, which i hope will turn into something more than a stupid project that doesn’t end up going anywhere. If it does end up with some sort of following then I will probably make another post and share where you can find it or something… If you’re interested please say so!! I would love hear it an might just put a sneak peak on this site or my LiveJournal. This project is what the word count if for. I’ll make another one for the other project that I will be finishing in August.

Anyway, to all of you writers out there have fun writing your hearts out!! And I suggest Camp Nanowrimo for August, or actual Nanowrimo for November. Where can those be found? here: http://www.nanowrimo.org or http://www.campnanowrimo.org .

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Spoiler Alert)

So that was it… The end to the Harry Potter series had finally come to the movie screen. Does this mean that it’s all over? I think not! We still have Pottermore to look forward to. And the fandom will live on forever. I mean come on, we still have Trekies don’t we? Whose to say the diehard Harry Potter fans won’t still be around like the Trekies, or the Lord of the Rings fans? There’s also the theme park to think of. I’m sure that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

But that has nothing to do with the title of the post now does it. So the movie itself, was amazing. Minus a few differences from the book, and a few glaring character changes. But all in all, I was happy with it. Me and my friends had to have a box of tissues between us so we could use them after we saw the movie. As fans since we were little seeing the end was sort of crushing, because that means something we’ve devoted so much time to, and so many tears and emotions to, is finally over. Finally gone. But I suppose all good things must come to an end.

I must say they executed everything perfectly, the effects were wonderful, the deaths perfectly sad, and McGonagal was THE BEST character out of them all in this movie. So if you are going to see this movie, do not begrude the people who laugh and cry, because to them it is not only a movie but it is the end of a era. The end of a generation’s love.

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Alright so the amazing J.K. Rowling announced that she is giving the Harry Potter fans a safe site to be a fan. It’s to be kid friendly so all the pervs that happen to happen upon this don’t be PERVS! Anyway, this site can be found at http://www.pottermore.com and she announced it on Youtube. So if you search for an account under J.K. Rowling you will probably find the video but if you don’t want to take FOREVER! to find it you can just find the link on http://www.mugglenet.com .

Now if you are just checking this out you might not know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I am SO EXCITED for this. It comes out as a fully functional site in October. And I really hope that I don’t get annoying comments bashing Harry Potter but feel free to discus this and voice your opinion. Especially if you are as excited for this as I am. Well have fun Potterheads and may Harry Potter live in your hearts for forever.

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X-Men: First Class

One more page in the story of the X-Men

So this movie goes back in time to the Cold War era, and even farther than that, to take you back in time to see the horrific conditions that the amazing characters had to live through. The effects and screen writing of this movie were absolutely amazing! So many things were just right and yet others were probably changed. I am definitely a fan of this movie, though having never read the comic books I suppose I’m not the one you should be asking. However, I have watch every single movie, as they came out, and have loved every one of them.

Their cast was perfect! The guy who played Mr. Thomas in Narnia as Professor X, the guy who played Jane Eyre’s employer as Magneto, and so many more awesome stars. I would completely suggest going to see it. So if you have time on your weekends or during the week, you should totally go see it.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Johnny Depp
Captain Jack Sparrow returns for an adventurous fourth movie!

I went to see this movie last night and I must say that it was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it! It was back to Jack, no overwhelming romance that dragged on too long, just Jack and his awesomeness. If you click on the picture it will take you to the Wikipedia page for the movie this will give you a synopsis and a character list with the actors. One reason why I loved this movie so much was because it not only focused more on Jack but it gave him an almost human quality whilst still going back to the first movie and joking about what he had said in there and some previous actions.

Some of the general things about this movie are: Blackbeard, the esteemed pirate of old, is the villain in this movie. The plot revolves around his need for the Fountain of Youth. Barbosa is back! Jack the monkey is here! and there are mermaids, and zombies. BUT! They are not your classic mermaids, they are beautiful, they can sing , they prey on sailors, yes, but they have deadly fangs almost like vampires.

I would definitely recommend that you go see it, but if you do, I suggest you study up on your lore, and your Pirate movies because you will need it to understand some parts of the movie. Have fun, oh and look out for a Harry Potter character in your movie going experience because I assure you if you look carefully enough you will find one.

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Jane Eyre

2011 movie poster

So our school took us to see Jane Eyre today for almost an entire day of school and it was AWESOME! Not only did we get to go see the movie but it was a private screening  just for us and I got to see it with my friends. It was an amazing movie! On a five star scale, in terms of movies, I would give it 4.5 stars. It fell short of 5 stars because it was hard to understand some of the actors at times and the sound was sometimes overwhelming. On the other hand as far as the book is concerned it was missing a lot and organized differently but that made it new and interesting.

So what am I trying to say? I’m trying to say that you should totally go see this movie and yes you should always read the book first. Not because you’ll get less from the movie than you would the book, but because the book is just so good, and such a classic. It’s really an amazing book, and then the movie will just make it all that much better. So go see it! Oh one thing I didn’t like at all was his beard in the end… It looked disgusting… *shudders* Anyway click the picture above to get to fandango if you feel like ordering tickets… (U.S. only I think).


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My Weekend

The End of An Era

Hits theaters July 15th

Alright so most of the people reading won’t care but my weekend now consists of Script Frenzy, homework, and sickness. Now that probably sounds pretty horrible but I will say this I’m having the best night right now! Why you ask? Because I’m home alone, eating popcorn for dinner, and having a Harry Potter movie marathon, with no noises, and no obnoxious people to ruin it for me. Does that make me sound like a nerd? I think it does, but I don’t care!

Anyway I hope your weekends are just as awesome as mine is! And to all of those people who are doing Script Frenzy good luck and have fun! And don’t procrastinate nearly as much as I am… it’s not good for you or your scripts.

Oh and by the way Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 comes out on July 15th, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 comes out on DVD on April 15th. I and I’m fairly sure warnerbrothers.com is giving out a discount for pre-ordering the DVD. Also http://www.fandango.com works with http://insiderrewards.warnerbros.com and regal crown club so when you pre-order tickets to the last movie or anyother WB movies you will get points. I suggest you join it saves alot of money! Anyway that is all.

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