Jane Eyre

2011 movie poster

So our school took us to see Jane Eyre today for almost an entire day of school and it was AWESOME! Not only did we get to go see the movie but it was a private screening  just for us and I got to see it with my friends. It was an amazing movie! On a five star scale, in terms of movies, I would give it 4.5 stars. It fell short of 5 stars because it was hard to understand some of the actors at times and the sound was sometimes overwhelming. On the other hand as far as the book is concerned it was missing a lot and organized differently but that made it new and interesting.

So what am I trying to say? I’m trying to say that you should totally go see this movie and yes you should always read the book first. Not because you’ll get less from the movie than you would the book, but because the book is just so good, and such a classic. It’s really an amazing book, and then the movie will just make it all that much better. So go see it! Oh one thing I didn’t like at all was his beard in the end… It looked disgusting… *shudders* Anyway click the picture above to get to fandango if you feel like ordering tickets… (U.S. only I think).


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2 responses to “Jane Eyre

  1. I had seen two versions of the story in film, and liked both. There is something compelling about the story.
    I will not review the story itself, it has stood the test of time. Suffice to say I recommend it.

    This was my first read of the book, and my first experience reading an e-book. I downloaded the Kindle version to my Android phone.
    This is an excellent adaptation. It reads well on my phone, and would be, I’m sure, even better on the Kindle device (larger pages means less turning). The illustrations are a nice touch, and the link to the audio version is appreciated. I will probably download it and record for use in my car during commutes.
    Lastly, for the price of 0.89 how can you go wrong.

    If you are like me and trying to catch up on the classics you never got to read, you could do worse than start here.

    • mercury205

      yeah well I bought the book from Borders, and I must say that it is better than Wuthering Heights which I tried reading before I read this one. Charlotte is a much better writter than Emily is.

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