Alright so the amazing J.K. Rowling announced that she is giving the Harry Potter fans a safe site to be a fan. It’s to be kid friendly so all the pervs that happen to happen upon this don’t be PERVS! Anyway, this site can be found at http://www.pottermore.com and she announced it on Youtube. So if you search for an account under J.K. Rowling you will probably find the video but if you don’t want to take FOREVER! to find it you can just find the link on http://www.mugglenet.com .

Now if you are just checking this out you might not know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I am SO EXCITED for this. It comes out as a fully functional site in October. And I really hope that I don’t get annoying comments bashing Harry Potter but feel free to discus this and voice your opinion. Especially if you are as excited for this as I am. Well have fun Potterheads and may Harry Potter live in your hearts for forever.

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