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Okay so I recently put my blog on a list of book bloggers, and honestly it’s pretty cool. So for the next few posts it’s going to be mostly book reviews. Right now I’m reading the first book that someone requested I write a review of, and so far I must say it’s really interesting. It’s called Blood Skies by Steven Montano. It sounds like something straight out of a Stargate show.  It is set up very interestingly so far. Granted, I’m still in the prologue but as of right now it’s following a disembodied entity that is observing an almost futuristic city. With the disembodied entity is another one, a female, and so far that’s it.

There was one quote though that I really liked, and will probably be in the full review later with this long description as to how it reminded me of Stargate and lots of nerdy stuff. Anyway, the book is really good so far. More of a review to come.

The Quote

“Her form corrodes, reforms, comes together once more in a shimmering rain that trails him like a spectral wake.”


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I have yet to experience this but I know that one of my friend’s books is published through Amazon so I wonder if her book is going to be taken off….

Books: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy

I logged on to Goodreads today (my favorite book site of all time), and as I was perusing some of the books I’ve recently read in order to begin writing their reviews, I came across a startling notice about one of the books I just finished:

“This edition is in danger of being removed from Goodreads. Will you rescue it? learn more”

So, of course I wanted to learn more because I had no idea what was happening.  This is what I learned, word for word, from Goodreads:

“Dear ABookVacation,

At Goodreads, we make it a priority to use book information from the most reliable and open data sources, because it helps us build the best experience for our members. To that end, we’re making a major change.

On January 30, Goodreads will no longer display book information that comes from Amazon.

This includes data such as titles, author names, page…

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