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Personal: March TBR, February Recap, and other Updates

Happy March!

I recently started a “Bookstagram” Account and honestly it is so fun! I definitely needed a new platform and outlet for my creativity. Between the pictures and the captions, this new Instagram account definitely has new opportunities for my brain to play around. There are all sorts of different challenges you could participate in and so many other community members to follow. It also gives me a new way to share and track my TBR list. If you would like to come follow me, click on the link in the Social Media sidebar.

For my March TBR, I’ve decided to take one more attack on my old February TBR before setting them aside for a while to try and match my mood. So for the first two weeks I’m going to continue with Iron King, Hunting Prince Dracula, A Gathering of Shadows, and Bloodwitch. Now, I know most people would say if you have to take a break from a book, it’s not a good book. But as someone with an anxiety disorder that makes it hard to focus on one specific thing over time, I feel like that is a lot of responsibility to put on a book. That being said, these books are still very good, but my brain just can’t hold on to them right now. So I’m going to give them one more shot before moving on to one of these beautiful collections that are calling to my attention.

This month is also the first month that I have gotten to play with my new Keys and Curios journal from Wizarding World Gold. So that will be another fun little thing to go back to periodically through out the month.

I’ve also started using my bullet journal daily this year, and may have to start incorporating that into my posts and stories. It has been a good way to keep track of my to do list and my TBR. It’s also been a tactile way to let my brain and my hands work out what they need. It’s made budgeting easier. It’s made time management sort of easier, my brain still has its own limitations.

Really, for me this whole month is probably going to be about getting back to my creativity. I always seem to lose it over winter. And with the loss of my creativity, my focus and my mood both fluctuate. This month I want to get back to me and stop trying to focus on other people’s opinions of me. This month is all about me and my needs.

(As always, look for this post image on my business pages for any updates on Paparazzi or Younique.)

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Personal: February TBR/Monthly Update

Happy February!

Can you believe that it’s already the second month of 2020? A new month of a new year, and a new decade. Maybe your January didn’t kick off the year like you’d hoped. But who cares? Every month is a new opportunity to start your goals over. Every day is a new opportunity to start your goals over. Do I have a large list of things I didn’t accomplish this month? Yes. But were they essential? Not really. They didn’t impact my immediate health and well being, they didn’t impact my living situation, they really didn’t impact much at all. Does this mean that I’m not setting the right goals? Maybe. Or maybe it means that I’m setting exactly the right goals. Goals don’t have to always have to be working towards a long term change. Sometimes it’s okay to just work day by day.

That being said, I do have goals for the month, most of them are reading goals but some of them are not. For my reading goals, there are four series that I want to finish in the beginning of this year:

  1. The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa
    1. January didn’t end as planned as far as this series was concerned. So I intend to finish Iron King by mid-February, and start Iron Daughter before the end. So far I’m 1/3 of the way through Iron King.
  2. Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco
    1. In January I finished my re-read of the first book in this series Stalking Jack the Ripper. So for this month I want to get at least halfway through Hunting Prince Dracula, hopefully I’ll finish it completely, but I’m aiming for halfway to be safe.
  3. Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab
    1. In January I finished A Darker Shade of Magic and I hope to review it this month. While I’m reviewing the first one I hope to get to at least halfway through A Gathering of Shadows by the end of the month.
  4. The Witchlands by Susan Dennard
    1. As anyone who has seen my recent posts from last year knows; I went on a pretty big binge of Susan Dennard’s Witchland series over the summer. During those months I finished the first three parts of the series but I feel like I burned myself out, so I took a little bit of a break from Bloodwitch. So for this month I wanted to try and finish that in order to finish the latest piece of the series. (Sooz is currently writing more of the series so this isn’t the last book. Also, go check out my review for Truthwitch)

I definitely hope to finish these series by the end of the year, maybe even before June. But for now I’m just going to take it one day at a time. In addition to these reading goals I have some writing goals and money goals, but they are less concrete. I know I would like to edit one of the projects that I have started. But I also want to flesh out character cards for all of my projects and both are big undertakings so I don’t know which to start this month.

For money I know I would like to save double what I usually do for the month and I’m not sure if that’s possible. If I take advantage of the promotions this month for Younique or Paparazzi (check the links in the About Me for details) and hit the goals they set I could probably do it. But again, the goal is not concrete. Later today I will try and have fully updated pages. But for now, here are my goals for February, here’s to a productive month!

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Read-A-Long: FaeCrate Iron Fey

This month FaeCrate (a book subscription box service) is doing a Read-A-long of the Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa. Today was the first day of the Read-A-Long so if you want to join in you still have time. The dates are listed below, and that picture should link to the Event FaeCrate has created on Facebook: (EDIT 1/13/20: The Facebook link broke, so I added the Instagram one instead)

View this post on Instagram

Welcome to the NeverNever: We just announced The Iron Fey 10th Anniversary Hangover Recovery Kits are going on sale January 17th, 2020! Still haven’t read the book? Or in need of a reread? WE GOT YOU. @faecrate and @berrybookpages are hosting a READALONG of The Iron King Series by @juliekagawaauthor (Books 1-4 for the first segment of the series) This is how things will go down: 1. We will read all four books. 2. There will be Instagram story activities, Facebook group activities and discussions for a chance to win prizes! 3. There will be a Youtube video at the end of each book. You will need to comment on it for a chance to win a The Iron Fey 10th Anniversary Hangover Recovery Kit. Super simple! There will be prizes as we go! Please tag @faecrate or @berrybookpages in your readalong stories, updates, or posts. The name of the Facebook group is Faecrate Made Me Do It. There will be a link in stories. We ADORE fangirling with you. And feel free to use the hashtag #ironfaecrate There will be a WIDE VARIETY of giveaways along the way (more details to come) but the Grand Prize is a FULL HANGOVER RECOVERY KIT (you will be reimbursed if you win and have purchased a box). HOW TO ENTER THE READALONG: ✔Follow @berrybookpages @juliekagawaauthor and @faecrate . ✔Share this post in your story and tag both @faecrate and @berrybookpages ✔Participate in the various events for the book events. The more you participate, the more entries you get. RULES: ✔Readalong & Giveaways will end July 24 at midnight EST ✔International ✔Not affiliated with Instagram ✔Must be 18 or have parents permission ✔Must be a public account so we can verify entries

A post shared by 🧚🏼‍♀️Fae Crate🧚🏽‍♂️ (@faecrate) on

The Facebook link didn’t work so here’s the instagram one!

I have not read this series, but own the first two so I am going to use this as a way to finally find time to read the books. This will hopefully get me closer to my Goodreads 2020 Reading Goal as well. If you’re participating and have a blog or Bookstagram or Booktube comment below so I can check them out!

Happy reading everybody!

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