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Linda Hutcheon, a criticism

While doing my homework for an English class, I came across this quote from the reading:

“Of course; a negative view of adaptation might simply be the product of thwarted expectations on the part of a fan desiring fidelity to a beloved text… If adaptations are… inferior and secondary creations, why then are they… increasing steadily in numbers?” –Beginning to Theorize Adaptation pg 4.

Hutcheon keeps, almost degrading, the amount that a fan wants the film adaptation to be like the original. But what I feel like she doesn’t understand is that yes, there are people who can sit there and name every tiny difference between the book and the novel. But there are also people who realize that yes the movie isn’t going to be exactly like the book, but it also shouldn’t completely change the plot devices or character traits either. There are lots of movies that completely change how the concepts in the book are perceived. So maybe we get a little bit caught up with how true to the book the movies are, but sometimes we have a good critical reasons behind it.

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Computer problems

So my screen for my computer broke a while back and so I decided to cash in on the warranty which is due to expire in like a week. But it seems that my computer is too old to order parts, so they might have to junk it. Which means I lose literally everything on the computer unless I pay $100 to get it backed up and transferred. Remind me why I went to Best Buy?

Personal recommendation: Don’t go to Geek Squad unless you never want to see your computer again.

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Inopportune Moments

So who else does not like it when sites go down in the most inopportune time.  The site that’s down right now? http://www.scriptfrenzy.com  why is it an inopportune time?  Because there are approximately 10 days left in the competition and no one can access the site… Now this may be a problem for some who need to update their page count. So should anyone with influence over amazon.com and their bases read this… Fix your problems! Please?

On another note… I’m reading an insanely good fanfiction by Dracosoftie on fanfiction.net. If you would like to read this I warn you that it’s M rated, and it has slash so if you can’t handle guy on guy… don’t read it. And if you’re under the age of… we’ll say 15 at the absolute youngest… DON’T READ IT! Other than that, it’s a Harry Potter fic, it’s drarry, it’s a weasley basher, and I love it. Here’s the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4626376/1/The_Next_Best_Thing


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Ugh… I have been so dead for the past week or so. I’ve had a cold and I’ve been living off of Haal’s Relief Vitamin C drops. They don’t seem to be working and I haven’t been able to get a ton of sleep because I can’t breathe and the medicine doesn’t do much. So I was wondering since people seem to be looking at this if not reading it. Anyone have any suggestions for remedies? Herbal teas, etc. I don’t care as long as it works and isn’t illegal in the United States I’ll try it. I’m that desperate…

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Ignorant, Arrogant People

So I have been a member of the site Sodahead.com (http://www.sodahead.com) for a while and I’ve gotten into many arguements before but this one has officially made my blood boil. So this guy claims that GLSEN is trying to target little children and do horrible things to them… and other stuff. I disagree greatly! And I argued my point being completely civil and using sound reasoning and when I decided that I was done arguing about this and to just let it go because he would not change I tried leaving the conversation. But this guy just kept arguing and he wasn’t supporting it with details at all. Is it so wrong to want clarification as to why a person thinks the way they do? And is it so wrong to want to leave an arguement and be civil about something for once?

Why is it that no one in this world knows what civility means? What is the point to having a word if the concept does not exist in the minds of the people? Should this be changed? Yes it should! People need to learn how to get over themselves and learn that they aren’t the only people in the world. There are others that deserve just as much respect as you do. Don’t let people trample over you, and don’t let people trample over others. It’s not right. Excuse the rant but I’m tired of it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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Time Warner Cable

Alright so the All In One package is being annoying, anyone else think so? Here why don’t I get your opinion and see how these poll things work…

Lets see if that works… and now to figure out how to fix the tv

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