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A short update:

To my regular readers:

Hello. So one of my classes has an option for bonus points involving a digital commonplace book. (More information here: How to Keep a Digital Commonplace). We could use whatever platform we chose for this digital commonplace book, including a WordPress blog. Since I already have this here, and since it already was a commonplace book of sorts, I decided to just add content to this instead of creating a whole new blog for it.

What this means:

  1. I will probably be posting more frequently. (Hopefully, once or twice a week at least.)
  2. It will probably not be completely book review related.
  3. It will probably not be only books.
  4. It will probably include new things like block quotes and other stuff that I have never actually bothered to figure out how to use.
  5. Comments will probably happen, and maybe even actual discussions. (Which I’m totally cool with.)

To my professor/classmates:

Hello. Commonplace only posts will be tagged with commonplace. They will be filed in that category. If you’re looking to see if I posted something specifically to that, there should be a search option for it. Feel free to ignore the other tabs, all posts should pop up on home. Feel free to ignore or explore my Goodreads and Twitter (adds and follows welcome). Feel free to ignore the comment section (shows up when you click on the post title), and the other random people who may show up on this blog. It doubles as a review blog for people who have sent me ARC’s and such. Which also means feel free to ignore the reviews that might be in between the commonplace posts. Also, please refrain from using last names or locations if you please as there are creepy people on the internet.

Your friendly blogger/classmate/student,


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Book Reviews

So… college is a thing. Which means no posts, or books, or anything really. I have A BUNCH of wip reviews that I might finish if I have the down time. So… that’s what’s happening.

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New Computer

Hey so I just got a new computer and I’m still trying to figure out how to use it. But now that I have it I will probably be posting more on here than I normally do. Sorry I haven’t been posting, but I have another blog that I update more, and I have other things that I have to do before I post. Also, I haven’t really been doing anything all that interesting so doing this is probably just stupid and not interesting.

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Ignorant, Arrogant People

So I have been a member of the site Sodahead.com (http://www.sodahead.com) for a while and I’ve gotten into many arguements before but this one has officially made my blood boil. So this guy claims that GLSEN is trying to target little children and do horrible things to them… and other stuff. I disagree greatly! And I argued my point being completely civil and using sound reasoning and when I decided that I was done arguing about this and to just let it go because he would not change I tried leaving the conversation. But this guy just kept arguing and he wasn’t supporting it with details at all. Is it so wrong to want clarification as to why a person thinks the way they do? And is it so wrong to want to leave an arguement and be civil about something for once?

Why is it that no one in this world knows what civility means? What is the point to having a word if the concept does not exist in the minds of the people? Should this be changed? Yes it should! People need to learn how to get over themselves and learn that they aren’t the only people in the world. There are others that deserve just as much respect as you do. Don’t let people trample over you, and don’t let people trample over others. It’s not right. Excuse the rant but I’m tired of it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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