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LiveJournal vs WordPress

So I have a livejournal and a wordpress, and a blogger. I was wondering which one people use more. Please answer the poll! and if you just don’t care, just say so! thanks!

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Stress Week

Alright so this week and next week are my stressful weeks. I’ve been sick for a good part of this week, I’ve got a science club banquet and choir on Saturday, I’ve got confirmation rehersal on Sunday, Confirmation on Monday, A practice AP Exam on Wednesday that’s graded, the actual AP Exam on Friday, and then the SAT’s on Saturday. So what is the point of this? Well one, if I’m not posting that’s why, and two, any suggestions as to how to relieve stress? Because I’m fairly sure that it’s causing all of my stomach problems and that is a problem, because if I miss any more school I will probably fail.

So suggestions would be greatly appreciated. On another note the new Internet Explorer 9 is really freakin’ awesome! Also the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer is being released today. Only 78 days! And http://www.fandango.com is now selling Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides tickets. So I think that’s every thing important, have a good end to April, and all you Script Frenziers keep going you’re almost there!

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