X-Men: First Class

One more page in the story of the X-Men

So this movie goes back in time to the Cold War era, and even farther than that, to take you back in time to see the horrific conditions that the amazing characters had to live through. The effects and screen writing of this movie were absolutely amazing! So many things were just right and yet others were probably changed. I am definitely a fan of this movie, though having never read the comic books I suppose I’m not the one you should be asking. However, I have watch every single movie, as they came out, and have loved every one of them.

Their cast was perfect! The guy who played Mr. Thomas in Narnia as Professor X, the guy who played Jane Eyre’s employer as Magneto, and so many more awesome stars. I would completely suggest going to see it. So if you have time on your weekends or during the week, you should totally go see it.

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