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So this week and next week is pretty much all tests and midterms for me, and I must say,  so far they’ve been pretty boring and easy. With the exception of the Pre-calc midterm that I did without a calculator. But there is still the AP Chem test that I have to take so that should be interesting.

Other than that all I have is a contest for Figment which ends on the 25th. They are fun contests, you need an account to be able to participate and a few friends to read through your stuff and heart it for you. I find them fun and entertaining, if you go on the contests page you can go vote for some of them once you get an account.

Well back to studying for stuff that I don’t have to study for… Hm… I should probably go write my letter of meta-cognition… But first I’m going to self-lessly promote my roleplaying site that I’m on… go to the side column and click on the little picture with the WM on it… it should say War Mage when you click on it. It’s fun and Tamora Pierce-y

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NaNoWriMo 2011

Hey all so NaNoWriMo starts this Tuesday and I’m totally freaking out about it! I can’t wait but then again I’m so stressed, I have to finish a college essay and get it edited and then re-write and submit. So I’m a little bit stressed right now because not only that, I have homework on top of it all.

So the point is… If I’m not reviewing books or doing much of anything on here, that’s why… I’m sorry, if you have any special requests you can just post a comment and I’ll try to post on it if I have time. But other than that, I’m going to busy… Sorry again if you’re waiting for something.

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Okay so I’ve been horribly neglecting this… Though I doubt anyone is following it so I don’t think it’ll matter that I post this. But I shall anyway. So lately I have been busy with school work and sleeping, and roleplaying. If I haven’t been working on AP Chem home work, I’ve been sleeping because I’m so exhausted from school and from this cold that I’ve had since last Thursday. I have just now posted on a role-playing site that I’m on for the first time in about three weeks. They must be so annoyed with me, but I just can’t do it that often anymore, I have no idea why I’m so tired.

We haven’t been very active and I think that’s because of school and because of other life stuff, but if you want to go to the site and check it out, the site is on my side bar, it is BV. This is a House of Night role play but we have strayed kind of far from the books. The site is http://www.dragoniv.com/bloodvow if the link on the side doesn’t work. And the rules and plot are clearly outlined in a board on the forum. If you have questions, comment here, or there’s a way to message an admin, or you could post in the chat box. Anyway, it’s really fun, and some people are posting.

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So today was my first day of Senior year of highschool, and I must say that this will probably be the most boring year yet. I have like mostly English classes, really the only redeeming classes are AP Chem, and my chorus class. So, yeah other than that the past week has not been very inventive. Pottermore has yet to update its dueling thing, and book two isn’t out yet and probably won’t be until October when the site opens to the public.

Oh the other thing that school means, is that I don’t get to update this very much so the best you’re going to get is probably maybe once a month. Maybe one or two more when I have some free time. If you want anything specific answer or something comment here and I’ll do a answering post this Saturday.

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Camp Nanowrimo

So the writing competition that I do every November is now offering a new opportunity to do Nanowrimo, just in the summer. This new opportunity is called Camp Nanowrimo. It is being offered in July and August this year, but the July one is already five days in. You can still sign up but I wouldn’t recommend it if you need all of the days to write. Now you’re probably thinking “Why would anyone be so crazy as to do this for three months? Isn’t one enough?”. Well the answer to that is, I am probably partially insane for doing this, but I find it quite fun. It is also really helpful if you are a nerd and feel like getting all of that creativity hiding in you flowing.

The site for this is http://www.campnanowrimo.org and it is not as good as regular nanowrimo only because it is brand new. I suggest you wait for August version because they say that the full site will be up and running. And if you have friends who would be interested in it you should totally get them to join! Also if you have any extra cash that you feel like donating, they accept tax deductable donations that will help make the site all that much better.

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Stress Week

Alright so this week and next week are my stressful weeks. I’ve been sick for a good part of this week, I’ve got a science club banquet and choir on Saturday, I’ve got confirmation rehersal on Sunday, Confirmation on Monday, A practice AP Exam on Wednesday that’s graded, the actual AP Exam on Friday, and then the SAT’s on Saturday. So what is the point of this? Well one, if I’m not posting that’s why, and two, any suggestions as to how to relieve stress? Because I’m fairly sure that it’s causing all of my stomach problems and that is a problem, because if I miss any more school I will probably fail.

So suggestions would be greatly appreciated. On another note the new Internet Explorer 9 is really freakin’ awesome! Also the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer is being released today. Only 78 days! And http://www.fandango.com is now selling Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides tickets. So I think that’s every thing important, have a good end to April, and all you Script Frenziers keep going you’re almost there!

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