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Selling: Younique Monthly Updates

Monthly Updates:

So I have decided to post once at the beginning of the month with an update on the Kudos, any new products, and any new deals. I’ll also post twice at the end of the month with a reminder about the deals so you can get them before the month runs out. All other posts will just be of me using the products whenever that actually happens.

Kudos are basically the Deal of the Month. Once the month is over that deal is gone. This month’s Kudos includes your choice of one of the 6 Moodstruck Addiction Pallets, one of the Splash liquid lipsticks, and one of the Epic Mascaras. Normally these products if you were to buy them in the same transaction would be $100, but for this month only they are $80. That’s a $20 or 20% discount.

Each individual item is still available to purchase separately if you don’t want all three things. Including the new Addiction Pallet which was just released today. This is the one pictured below. I personally LOVE this one. I believe I already have all of the colors in the moodstruck pressed shadow refills so if anyone wants to see anything on let me know and I can post pictures.

A new Presenter’s kit was also released this month. There’s the regular Presenter’s kit which is $99 and contains just a few items. Or there is the Presenter’s Deluxe kit which is $199 and contains just about every type of product we sell and will give you a wide range of testing material.

If you have any questions or want anymore information about extra discounts or deals let me know. Either comment on this post or message me.

My Store link:

My Join Link:

Addiction Pallet 6
April’s Kudos Bundle
Updated Presenter’s Kits

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Social/Selling: Younique Trivia Night Look

So on Tuesday Nights my friends and I sometimes go to Bomber’s to Trivia and this week was the first time we’d gone since I’d gotten my Younique Presenter’s Kit so I wanted to test it out. Now, in my opinion the make-up looked so much better in person than on camera. But I’m still going to post the pictures here just so you can see them.

This is straight on.
This is from above. (Please excuse the fact that my closet is on the floor behind me)
This is in bar lighting.

The products I used are titled and listed below. It was really fun experimenting with all of this stuff. I still need some practice with the Dip&Draw eyeliner and also some of the brushes. I probably also need some new types of brushes that I don’t have yet.

-Moodstruck pressed:
-base: marvelous
-crease: Agile
-eye point (nose edge? not sure what to call it) and highlight: joyful
-Splurge Cream:
-overtop marvelous: Mysterious https://www.youniqueproducts.com/…/produc…/view/US-22501-00…

-Moodstruck Precision Dip & draw eyeliner: deep black https://www.youniqueproducts.com/…/produc…/view/US-22107-00…

-Moodstruck Epic Mascara: Black waterproof https://www.youniqueproducts.com/…/produc…/view/US-21102-00…

-Splash Liquid Lipstick:
-Base: Sparkling
-Topcoat: Snarky (curently unavailable) https://www.youniqueproducts.com/…/produc…/view/US-31804-00…

-Younique Fluffy Crease Brush: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/…/view/US-51071-02…

-Younique Cream Shadow Brush: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/…/view/US-51041-01…

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Discovery: Younique Make-up Company

Younique is a concierge make-up company kind of like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef in design. You have one seller that can do parties for you and explain products and the person hosting earns perks. The person selling can also recruit, which is how I started selling and why I’m writing this post.

One of my friends from high school started selling Younique on Facebook and my first thought was ‘Oh great, another person who’s going to bombard my feed with crap.’ But then I started watching her live videos and bought the make-up to support her. From there I was hooked. This is just as good as anything I’ve ever gotten from Sephora or CVS or any of the places that I’ve bought make-up from.

I will say it is closer to a Sephora price point, and maybe that’s not what most can afford. But it is totally worth the price.

So when I started buying from her I had just done it to support her because I already had a job and wasn’t looking for a new one or a new expense. But now, probably six months later, I’ve found myself buying the Presenter’s kit and coming on board as a seller. These things can be addicting but so far I’m not sorry that I’ve done it. I could use some extra cash, and I could also use some me time. This gives me both.

I have included my selling link on my about me page. I’ll include my selling link and my join link at the bottom of this post. But please know this will not change my blog. It will still be mostly book centric. I just wanna have a little fun.


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