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Book Reviews

So… college is a thing. Which means no posts, or books, or anything really. I have A BUNCH of wip reviews that I might finish if I have the down time. So… that’s what’s happening.

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Book Reviews


So if you are here to request a book review from me, please include any trigger warnings that may apply, and any other rating warnings that might need to be included.

Thank you!

~Your exhausted blogger friend.

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Writing Blog

Okay so I have been posting links to a few of my stories on figment and other things. Some people have actually been clicking on the links and reading them? I think? But I’ve been double posting them on here and on my tumblog, so if you want to get more of that, I will probably post more writing on my writing tumblog as opposed to on here. So:

My Figment: My Profile

My writing blog: Tessa’s Escape (this is named after a character of mine since it used to be an original character roleplaying blog. But it changed to a writing blog).

Those two places are the main two places where you will find my writing, and if you want to read more please go there because I might not always double post. The tumblog has fanfiction, figment stories, nanowrimo excerpts, and the ability to give me prompts and request stories on it through my ask. The figment will just have contest entries and any other piece of writing I feel like sharing with the public. This way, if you want to read more of anything you can contact me through the comments and my ask and not on here. (But you can also comment on the posts on here if you like).

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Say hello to my Sidebar

Okay so, I realize that this probably sounds like a very stupid topic for a blog post but I am bored and I feel like walking you through this blog. Sort of like a virtual tour only not. So where to start… Well we’ll start with the Sidebar because that’s the title of the post. On the side bar there are a number of widgets, some of them are available on any wordpress blog, and others are my own special widgets put in a text box.

Starting at the top of the side bar we have my 2011 Goodreads Reading Challenge count, this is a counter for all of the books I read in 2011 and if I meet my goal or not. I personally like this because it’s making me focus on finishing all of the books that I have to return to the people I borrowed them from. This is hosted by one of my favorite sites, called Goodreads and I suggest you check it out. I have probably mentioned this site about 10o times on this blog, so it shouldn’t be unfamiliar to anyone who actually reads this.

After the Goodreads counter is my long list of Word Counters. These were coded by Diana Peterfreund for her website which can be found here: http://www.dianapeterfreund.com .  Which I am very thankful for because I cannot code things at all, I am terrible at it. Anyway, these word count widgets show my current progress on books that I am writting, will they be published? Probably not. But still it’s nice to have a word count widget for them anyway. In order from top to bottom, the widgets are for my various Nanowrimo projects. The top widget is my latest attempt at Nanowrimo, this is a short story collection from my Utano universe. The next is 2010’s Nanowrimo, this is my first “book” in the Utano series that I had envisioned. And the third and final word count widget is for Sam’s Story, a story that I still have tons of ideas for. This last one was Nanowrimo 2009, and I think this one would be the one I would end up finishing. I shall keep you all updated on how it’s going and whether or not I’m going to publish. If I am not and you want to read anything I have a way on here to share them with you down lower on this sidebar which I will get to later. So comment or find a way to get at me some other way, and I shall throw them up there. Now moving on…

After the Word Count widgets are pretty little picture that have a title saying Fun Roleplaying Sites, these are sites that my friend and I use to get rid of our creative thoughts. If you go to the pictures and click on them they will take you to the sites and on the sites you will find a better description of what to do. These are very good for relieving boredom, and making friends, and getting ideas for writing. This is my way of advertising for the sites so go CHECK THEM OUT!

Next is this thing called The Box, and it is used for sharing files, so this is where I would put my stories should anyone want to read them. And the rest is really self explanitory. But there are two other things I would like to turn your attention to, they are both the other two pages found at the top of the blog. One is About the site, this is pretty much useless, so you don’t really have to look at it unless you really want to. But there is also the Amazing Books page, which says what my favorite books are of the time, if you are ever looking for book suggestions I suggest you look at that tab. These pages will probably be added to or changed over the years, but that is only when I feel like doing site updates.

Well that’s all I have right now… have fun surfing the site.


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