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Review: Synthesis by Evanescence

Obviously by the title this is about Evanescence’s new album Synthesis which is out now and can be purchased or listened to in multiple places, so I feel I should make it clear that¬†I am not being paid for any of the rest of the article. The following is just my own personal opinion of the album and websites discussed in this post.

Okay, so now that that’s out of the way. Let me just say that I absolutely LOVE this album! For those of you who don’t know, the concept for this album is basically the classic Evanescence songs but with a full orchestra and other instruments non-traditional for rock band based music. It is really cool!

As someone who in general likes orchestral instruments better than any electric instruments, I was all about it from the beginning. There’s just something about them that make things sound more epic/movie magic level. The sound is fuller and with headphones you can almost pick out each individual instrument while also hearing them all as a whole. There are so many different elements and movements to focus on that you can listen to a song a bunch of times and it will still sound different each time. Most of the songs on the album are already on their other albums but they all sound so new and interesting that I don’t even mind.

You know how when bands re-release songs or have a Greatest Hits album and you’re like “I’m a fan so I want this” but also like “But do I really want to spend more money on songs I already have?” (In the end I usually end up buying them anyway just for the fan-cred.). When I saw the song list that’s sort of what when through my brain, but when I listened to them when they were released on Youtube (evanescencevideo)¬† and Spotify it completely changed my mind because they were just so gorgeous and new.

I did say most of the songs are old, but there are two completely new songs with lyrics and two new songs that are purely instrumental. Which adds even more new music excitement to this already pretty exciting album. But I think that best part of the new versions and the new songs is that you can hear Amy Lee’s absolutely gorgeous voice and vocal range even better on this new album. Without the rock background she’s just so clear and pure over the top of the music, like her vocals got drowned out before.

Overall, the album is just amazing and I would totally recommend you listen to it or even buy it. And if you want to they are doing a give away on Tunespeak. My personalized link is in the about me tab and then we both get entries. The winning prize includes a signed Synthesis cd. So go ahead and check that out too.


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So Camp NaNoWriMo just ended and as usual they have rolled out their winners perks. Unlike usual I actually qualified as a winner this time around (Woo!), and I’ve decided to check out the winners’ perks. One of the winners’ perks is 30% off a premium membership for a website called Scribophile.

Scribophile is a writer community for serious writers who want serious feedback. It’s not for the people who just post to get views, or post for the fun of it (although those are there too they are not the majority). This site has a contribute before benefits setup where you must help out other members with their writing before you can get enough karma points to post a work of your own. It’s really an ingenious system. It means you can’t take advantage of the community.

When you first sign up you are awarded two karma points. It then walks you through how to set up your profile and participate in the community. Once you’ve gone through the orientation you pretty much have free reign on the site. You can introduce yourself in the forums or jump right in and critique a work for someone. So far I’ve only tried out the critiquing and the scratchpad. I am particularly fond of the inline critique format where you can read the work and basically write in the margins, then post it for the author to see. It’s interesting because you get to see everyone’s work and help them and watch the piece evolve into something new. It’s very interesting and I would recommend checking it out.

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