Camp Nanowrimo

So the writing competition that I do every November is now offering a new opportunity to do Nanowrimo, just in the summer. This new opportunity is called Camp Nanowrimo. It is being offered in July and August this year, but the July one is already five days in. You can still sign up but I wouldn’t recommend it if you need all of the days to write. Now you’re probably thinking “Why would anyone be so crazy as to do this for three months? Isn’t one enough?”. Well the answer to that is, I am probably partially insane for doing this, but I find it quite fun. It is also really helpful if you are a nerd and feel like getting all of that creativity hiding in you flowing.

The site for this is and it is not as good as regular nanowrimo only because it is brand new. I suggest you wait for August version because they say that the full site will be up and running. And if you have friends who would be interested in it you should totally get them to join! Also if you have any extra cash that you feel like donating, they accept tax deductable donations that will help make the site all that much better.

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