Inopportune Moments

So who else does not like it when sites go down in the most inopportune time.  The site that’s down right now?  why is it an inopportune time?  Because there are approximately 10 days left in the competition and no one can access the site… Now this may be a problem for some who need to update their page count. So should anyone with influence over and their bases read this… Fix your problems! Please?

On another note… I’m reading an insanely good fanfiction by Dracosoftie on If you would like to read this I warn you that it’s M rated, and it has slash so if you can’t handle guy on guy… don’t read it. And if you’re under the age of… we’ll say 15 at the absolute youngest… DON’T READ IT! Other than that, it’s a Harry Potter fic, it’s drarry, it’s a weasley basher, and I love it. Here’s the link:


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2 responses to “Inopportune Moments

  1. Score twice before you cut once.

    • mercury205

      how does this have anything to do with what the post is on? just wondering where you’re going with that comment…

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