Okay since I’ve been posting on this thing about books recently I might as well post about one of the nerdiest most amazing sites there is. I am a memeber of Goodreads as shown by my Amazing Books page on here and it is one of the most entertaining sites when you are bored and slightly obsessive like me. I spent like three hours last night updating my goodreads because I was bored. So if you want a place to:

  • Keep track of books you’ve read, are currently reading, want to read, or want to buy
  • buy and sell books online
  • get caught up with authors you love
  • get recommendations from friends and authors
  • or share your writing

Get a goodreads account! The site is it’s simple and free. (However the books that you buy from the site do indeed have to be bought and a few extra fees are tagged on there). I would highly recommend this site, obviously. And mine is . If you want to add me on goodreads comment and I’ll get back to you! Enjoy!


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2 responses to “Goodreads

  1. Love GR. Your’s is private though, so I can’t see your shelf.
    Happy reading.

    • mercury205

      Oh, oops… well add me if you want and I’ll let you see it. I really don’t know how to make it un-private otherwise I would….

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