Social/Selling: Younique Trivia Night Look

So on Tuesday Nights my friends and I sometimes go to Bomber’s to Trivia and this week was the first time we’d gone since I’d gotten my Younique Presenter’s Kit so I wanted to test it out. Now, in my opinion the make-up looked so much better in person than on camera. But I’m still going to post the pictures here just so you can see them.

This is straight on.
This is from above. (Please excuse the fact that my closet is on the floor behind me)
This is in bar lighting.

The products I used are titled and listed below. It was really fun experimenting with all of this stuff. I still need some practice with the Dip&Draw eyeliner and also some of the brushes. I probably also need some new types of brushes that I don’t have yet.

-Moodstruck pressed:
-base: marvelous
-crease: Agile
-eye point (nose edge? not sure what to call it) and highlight: joyful…/produc…/view/US-31009-02…
-Splurge Cream:
-overtop marvelous: Mysterious…/produc…/view/US-22501-00…

-Moodstruck Precision Dip & draw eyeliner: deep black…/produc…/view/US-22107-00…

-Moodstruck Epic Mascara: Black waterproof…/produc…/view/US-21102-00…

-Splash Liquid Lipstick:
-Base: Sparkling
-Topcoat: Snarky (curently unavailable)…/produc…/view/US-31804-00…

-Younique Fluffy Crease Brush:…/view/US-51071-02…

-Younique Cream Shadow Brush:…/view/US-51041-01…

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