Apples in New York

So I was bored and I found this contest on, well I was originally going to post this so that you guys could enter the contest as well but I lost track of time and didn’t realize just when the contest ended. I got mine in before then however, and if you feel like reading something or feel like joining a really awesome writing community you should go check it out.

My contest entry  is here: and you should check it out. If you click on the tag you can get the rest of the stories submitted. I highly recommend you read some of them, not just mine because some are really good. And if you like them I suggest you heart them, though you have to get a figment account to do that. But it’s worth it, because the site is really quite fun. If you want the original stipulations for the contest and much more you should go to the contests tab on the top of the site.

In other news, the NaNoWriMo site is up and running and is reset for the next round of Nano… yay! 17 days! I you wanna do it you should go sign up at OR if you are 17 or younger go to for the Young Writer’s Program. It is very fun, and I am attempting the impossible. I’m doing two at once. So that should be interesting… I’ll keep you posted. Hope you all are having fun writing, reading, or other fun stuff!

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