To Kill a Mocking Bird Review

To Kill a MockingbirdTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I had to read this for school, and I didn’t even really finish it because to be honest. I got really bored with it after a while. And I felt like it just dragged on for FOREVER! And I had like so many other things that I was reading at the time that I read it the first time, and other things to focus on that this didn’t really grab my attention.

I’m not saying it’s horrible and that you shouldn’t read it, but I’m saying for me it was boring and not my style. I can’t read historical fiction either… or MOST realistic fiction. Even though I can write them quite well… I feel like the whole “We have to read books that deal with racism cuz it’s bad” thing is a little old. I mean yes, it is bad, and yes we should reinforce it every so often but after a while most of us tend to get the point…

I feel like people are going to yell at me for saying that but really I don’t mean it isn’t important I just mean that not ALL of us are horrible to people and the world is NOT going to end if we skip a year of racial tolerance reinforcement in English class.

So that is what I think made me not like this book as much. Maybe if I read it again I will like it better but as of right now, it wasn’t my favorite….

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5 responses to “To Kill a Mocking Bird Review

  1. Oh boy, you’re going to hear it!
    ….wanna know something? I wasn’t a big fan either.
    Yeah, it had some good life-lessons. But over all, it didn’t go anywhere, I had to force myself to finish it. I lied to my book club.

    • mercury205

      Much like I lied to my English class, and teacher… Because he thinks I finished it and read it all but I didn’t need to to answer all the quizzes and projects because I knew what happened already or could figure it out…. So yeah… After you read the same life lessons over and over again they become kind of predictable… and I know that sounds really bad, but it’s true and I don’t really know how to write it so its sugar coated.

  2. You got a point. And yes, it sounds bad, and yes, people are used to the idea, racism is bad, let’s talk about it.
    I know, racism and a lot of other human behavior is bad, is actually bad enough to make the human race to try to stop it. But there is one very interesting quote that says “the more inhuman creature out there are the same humans”.
    That’s correct, we are humans, we are animal, we do horrible things (The race, I don’t mean you and me…).
    I hate racism, I hate the idea that somebody has the right to make something bad to a person just because its color or where are they from.
    But that’s the point, knowing that and being clear on that makes you feel boring when people start talking about racism this, racism that, racism is bad…
    I know is bad, but I can’t feel but boring of such talking.
    There plenty of movies against racism, I don’t like most of them, because the only thing the say is Racism is Bad. There are books against racism, and is the same thing. You say it, it sounds bad, but it’s normal I think, to feel bored about a person trying to convince you about something you’re already convinced of.

  3. David N

    I respect your opinion, but have to disagree. Strongly.

    I read that book in the 5th grade, and re-read it before the 6th, and am reading it again this year for 9th grade English, and I loved it. I never saw racism as the main theme necessarily, although it was one. I don’t normally like historical fiction either (with more exceptions than seems appropriate for such a dramatic absolute), because most of the time it seems like the author is trying to convince the reader they know their facts about the topic than tell a story. But I really liked this novel. It had beautiful age progression and character developement (unlike The House on Mango Street, whose timeline just utterly confounded me), and it all felt very realistic. I loved how it placed you back in time in a certain setting, and showed you the evils and shortcomings and still made you want to live there. It showed a sense of community few have today, as well as what could fragment that. It showed a sense of identity in a community, and the child’s perspective made all that better and more striking. The characters, the metaphors… It just seemed like a masterpiece when I was reading it.

    I think the school is somewhat mistaken teaching it only as a racial precautionary tale. I agree racism is in there as an element, but again, not the strongest, or even the theme. It encompasses much more than that.

    • mercury205

      Yeah, I definitely think it was the fact that a.) the school was teaching it weirdly. and b.) I’m a fantasy girl so anything even close to reality is boring for me. I don’t know, I’ll have to pick it up and read it again. I haven’t read it for three years, and opinions change

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