I just downloaded this radio thing from and I must say it is kind of awesome. I for one like the fact that it can go into my Windows Media Player and see what songs I listen to and recommend songs based on that. I’m currently listening to Amy Lee Radio, which is playing artists in the same genre and that are similar to Amy Lee the lead singer of Evanescence. Which is kinda cool. I would totally suggest using this site if you are looking for song recommendations. Or new artist recommendations, because they also give you links as to where you can buy the mp3’s and cd’s. (It’s mostly but still its helpful).

It’s also great if you need inspiring music to help you write a novel (which is what I’m currently doing), but are too bored with your own music collection. I have gotten at least thre more paragraphs since I started listening to this thing. Now is that going to work for everyone? probably not. But still it’s a suggestion.

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