The headache that is editting

So I have been editting one of my past works for Camp Nanowrimo, because I had to finish it, and I have found that within the first two paragraphs I must have used the word “that” about 16 times. It was very annoying and repetitive, and a very big problem for my story. So I have been going through and taking out more “that”s. I was wondering if anyone else has found that they have a signature word that they use all the time? So if you do, comment, if you have fun editting stories, comment. If  you have anything, comment.

The point is, comment. Because I’m bored, editting is brutal and I need a break from reading the same thing over and over again. I’m not saying that it will not be worth it when it’s finished, because it probably will be worth the work. But as of right now, I am really bored and waiting for dinner, and hoping that this will just magically edit itself. Granted there are a few funny parts, like realizing the little narrator voice keeps switching from British to French to Southern, and noticing that Sammi sounds really really hyper. And other stuff like that.

Well that’s all I can think to say, so comment if you feel like it, back to editting until my eyes bleed. Okay that’s a little bit graphic, so just ignore that and think of cute Unicorns. Unless you’re Astrid from Diana Peterfreund’s Killer Unicorn books, because that would be bad. You know what I’m just going to stop before I completely offend the entire world.


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2 responses to “The headache that is editting

  1. Jessee

    I love this. I’ve done the editing thing so many times for so many people who have never taken a grammar class in their lives that I completely understand the eyes bleeding thing. And to answer your original question, my biggest repetition problem is probably pronouns. I start so many sentences with “she,” “he,” “her,” “their,” and every other pronoun under the sun. It seems I’m just not creative enough to vary sentence structure.

    • mercury205

      Yeah I’m re-reading one of my own works, and I can tell that I wrote most of it after midnight because somethings just don’t makes sense at all.

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