Camp Nanowrimo: August edition

So I am taking full advantage of the August Camp Nanowrimo, even though I just did the July Camp Nanowrimo. Why you ask? Because I had a project that needs finishing and editting. It will probably be really terrible when I go to read it,  which might result in me rewriting the entire thing. I’ll be updating the word count after I edit the entire thing and continue with finishing it. You will see these updates on the side of the blog, through the word count widgets.

These word count widgets were coded by Diana Peterfreund for her website: , but she was gracious enough to email the coding to me and tell me how to edit them to fit my blog. Anyway, the word count widget you should direct your attention to is the one in the middle, titled Utano: A Rivalry Turns Dangerous this title is subject to change however so if it randomly changes, don’t be alarmed. If you wish to join me in my quest to make a novel you should do Camp Nanowrimo found here: .  Well have fun I must go wait for Pottermore and then poof to bed.

Oh okay I forgot something on here so I’m adding an addendum: The title that is subject to change, I’m open to suggestions so if you wanna provide some title suggestions, feel free to comment!

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