Prom Post 2

So my prom was last night and I must say it lived up to my expectations which means it absolutely SUCKED! Now does that mean all prom’s suck? probably not… see if I had had friends who actually you know cared and weren’t more focused on drama than having fun. Also if the DJ had been good then maybe I would have had a good time and actually have been dancing.

So summery: Prom will be lonely if you don’t make it fun with friends and other things, tell them to forget the drama and shit, just for this one night. Also it will SUCK if you don’t get over your nerves and ask some one even if its just as friends because if they say yes at least you know they won’t leave you alone. And finally REQUEST SONGS YOU want to listen to! Cuz other wise it will be non-stop grinding and grossness, so if you’re not into that, don’t go or have a song list ready to request.

Other than that I hope your prom is better than mine, and I will not be going back next year. not at all.

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