Writing Projects

All titles are temporary titles just so I have something to call them.

Current Project:

  • Title: Perpetual Pirates
    • Description: This started out as a futuristic sci-fi sort of thing and has turned into a dystopia/sci-fi sort of thing. Not really sure where it’s going. It’s sort of split into two different ideas at this point.
    • Main Characters:
      1. You: I’m looking for a gender non-specific name that fits with this character, for now they don’t have a name they are just the narrator.
      2. Jonan: Boyfriend of “you”
      3. Coveliner: Haven’t fleshed this one out yet either.
      4. Drylander: Villains of the story, not one specific antagonist yet.
      5. Corners: Family name, previous owners of the Headquarters, first casualties of Drylanders.

Current Edit:

  1. Title: Galaxies
    • Description: What would you do if you had access to multiple Galaxies at the tips of your fingers?
      • Main editing focus: Getting all of the sections in the right order so that the story makes sense.

Previous projects:

  1. Title: Bloodlings: There are four factions in the new world. They’ve all come out of no where. No one had heard of them before, but now suddenly they’re popping up everywhere. They are called what the humans have known them as for as long as written record has existed. Vampires, Fairies, Werewolves, and Sirens. Are the problems they cause actually problems? Or is it just a bad one in a good bunch?
  2. Title: Magic Reawakened: Magic has been sleeping, dormant beneath Earth’s surface, but now it’s awake and no one knows why. It is messing with nature making it stronger, more wild. The people and the animals are no exception. Now they have to learn to cope with the new found power, or find a way to put it back to sleep.
  3. Title: Trapped: Anna is a forensic scientist with field work clearance, her husband is a beat cop in her same department. She and her friend/colleague get trapped in a building that has collapsed. Were they kidnapped first? Did it have something to do with the crime they’re investigating? They don’t know.
  4. Title: Ballgowns: What happens when you write characters into a world that was never theirs? Sort of like Inkheart/Inkspell but also a what really happens to Storyworld when you add an original character into an environment that wasn’t yours.
  5. Title: Elves: That is only a working title. A historian finds a few interesting looking boxes in the attic of a client’s deceased tenant, then realizes that he too has a similar box in his attic. They’re old boxes, hand crafted, with carvings that intertwine to form a sort of map. But to where?
  6. Title: The Raven’s Trickster: Shaw is the apprentice of a well known figure in the community who goes by the name of Gavran. Shaw is roguish and fast, he blends in to places and cities easily and is a very good ground agent for someone who’d want to keep watch over the city. Tanya has been living with Gavran and Shaw for as long as she can remember, she is basically a daughter to Gavran and a sister to Shaw. Together they keep the city up and running, and defend it from any external or internal threats.

Finished Projects: (None)

  1. Title: Description, Future steps

Published Projects: (None)

  1. Title: Description, purchase options